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Help With My Theory Test:
Useful information

Preparing for your multiple choice test

The first section of the theory test is multiple choice. You have to answer 50 questions and the pass mark is 43.  You will have 57 minutes to answer the questions, some of the questions require multiple answers.

The test will challenge your knowledge on various driving factors and abilities, including alertness, driving attitude, safety, vulnerable road users, road conditions and road and traffic signs.

Once you have completed the multiple choice section, you will be given the option to take a short break before the second part of the test, the hazard perception test.

Preparing for your Hazard Perception Test

On the day of your test you will be shown a brief video about how it works. After the introductory video you will start the test itself.

You will be shown 14 video clips each about one minute long, featuring everyday driving situations with a number of potential hazards and more importantly one developing hazard. However, one of the clips will be a little different and will contain two developing hazards that you will need to identify. 

To score you need to click the mouse each time you see a potential hazard start to develop – the quicker you spot the hazard developing the higher you will score. The maximum you can score for each developing hazard is 5. Remember, there are 14 clips but one of them has 2 developing hazards, which are scored separately so the maximum number of marks available for the hazard perception is 75 (15x5) you will need at least 44 to pass this test.

If you click over and over again or in a pattern, you will be disqualified from that particular clip, and your score will be zero for that clip.   

Special needs & the Theory Test

When you book our theory test help course please say if you have special needs. In many cases, special arrangements can be made to assist you during the test. These include:

  • Extra time to take the test (30 minutes)
  • Spoken test – via the computer (English or Welsh voiceover using a head set is available for any test candidate, no proof of special needs is required but this must be booked in advance
  • One to one reader/recorder – where a person, provided by Pearson Vue ( this is the company that administers the theory test), will read the questions on the computer screen word for word and then record the answer given by the candidate
  • Private environment / separate room / extra time, are available on request
  • Oral Language Modification (OLM) in exceptional circumstances where the candidate has severe difficulty understanding the meaning of the language used for the test. The reader can explain the meaning rewording the questions to make them easier to understand

Suggested Theory Test Learning Materials

The Highway Code

The Highway Code is essential reading. Many of the rules in the Code are legal requirements and you could be committing a criminal offence if you disobey these rules.  Reading the Highway Code will significantly help you in passing your theory test.

Know your traffic signs

Traffic signs play a vital role in directing, informing and controlling road users behaviour. This is to make roads as safe as possible for everyone and having knowledge of traffic signs vital.

There are three basic types of road sign:

  • Signs that give you orders
  • Signs that warn you
  • Signs that give you information

DVSA essential skills

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) produces books in the essential skills range. These books are an excellent revision tool for your theory.